The Pure Spark of Harmony

The international HeART CAMPAIGN in favour of children and nature


People love to be in harmony and to celebrate good vibes and feelings. For the ultimate GROSS SOCIAL HARMONY LIVING SPACE for as many people in the world, we start creating an event.

THIS EVENT will take place in VIENNA. It will be the “LIFE BALL” in favour of children and nature. The preparations have already started. It is the FIRST INTERNATIONAL MEETING of all the heart-minded people we are connected and will be connecting in the next few months.

MUSIC – ART – INNER BEAUTY AND NATURE. LIGHT – SOUND – DESIGN AND DANCE. These are THE expression of the divine harmony on this wonderful planet called MOTHER EARTH.

Creating a world children want to live in. We are writing history in the TRUE FAIRY TALE and express the universal harmony and peace in being ROLE MODELS and present our completeness.

There will be so many wonderful and happy people. I am so thankful to invite you to join us on this journey. Stay tuned, stay aligned. We ourselves are the creator. The youngest generation is waiting for us.

The photo was made by: Peter Bergpeter Schmid

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