The Pure Spark of Harmony

The international HeART CAMPAIGN in favour of children and nature

Universal intelligence

In the MACRO COSMIC HEART AND BRAIN there exist three different areas of the UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE.

  1. The inspiration point
  2. The intuition point
  3. The balanced point of divine creativity and structure

Children have got all three in ONE. They think and see clearly with their heart. The only thing they need is to keep this clear, healthy and genius structure and heart minded adults who join and support them. This very special essential inner structure no human mind is able to understand only by thought. It is the divine knowledge that makes the youngest generation aware to do the best for society, the whole planet, the whole universe. That is why …the adult’s should have their ears open what the children have to say.

THE ART “THE PURE SPARK OF HARMONY” symbolises this healthy and divine structure in the human being and relation. And it lays the NEW BASE for a healthy young generation in harmony. It all starts with the beginning.

FOTO: Helmut Mühlbacher

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