The Pure Spark of Harmony

The international HeART CAMPAIGN in favour of children and nature


The ART will be made of wood, a stem of an old sycamore tree from Salzburg. This is the base. There are three parts. Two symbolise the wings from the Heart Center in Austria (Salzburg) to the WEST, to California LA and Hawaii and to the EAST into the woods of China and Japan. The three pieces are already waiting in RED CARPET ART in Vienna. Thank you to Manuel Gras on that point for his support.

The West stands for the matter of FREEDOM and WEALTH and the materialised TRUE LOVE, which has been lost over 100 thousand of years. Since the Earthing of the humans as BEINGS.

The EAST stands for the CREATIVE DIVINE INVISIBLE ENERGY symbolised and carried by plants, trees and the power of the sun system. Both wings stand for the “IDEAL COSMIC PARENTS”, for the HEALED FATHER AND MOTHER. MAN and WOMAN.

The third part will be the “PURE DROP OF HARMONY” – the child. It is all about the HIGHEST HARMONY – the PRIMAL HARMONY of the HUMAN NATURE. And it is about TRUTHFULNESS and EVOLUTION and the HOLY FAMILY in oneself.

The ART symbolises the “HEALED FAMILY” in the reality of NOW. Not a story 2000 years ago. Not a story based on religion.

FAMILY is the smallest social HUB where children make their first experiences. I talk about this “HEALED” family that children want to grow up in. A modern family.

I am here to create the TRUE FAIRY TALE, the TRUE STORY in favour of children and nature. It is the adult’s responsibility to create a world children want to live in. Man and woman. Everything is prepared, it is only about doing.

PS: Thank you to Katharina Kaesbach, a wonderful designer living in BALI, in the Eastern wing. She sent me the powerful pictures.

Thanks to the special support of “DREIKANT” , an Austrian company which is famous for handcrafted design. They prepared the SYCARMORE TREE and we are going to show it in its best version.

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