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The relation between Austria and the USA.

In the economic point of view there is a historical connection to the United States which had a massive impact on society in Austria. It is a so called first economic crisis connection, a deep rooted crisis with effects into the world. Like a rotten tooth root.

In the middle ages in a Carinthian region called Mölltal there were gold and silver mines ( a kind of national bank) until the Americans start to dig for gold, until they started the so called Gold Rush. Mother EARTH does not forget easily and also the people still do have this information in their genes. This information has been deeply saved in the memory of the spheres. There are still effective fields which show enormous destruction energy, pure existential fear of loss . That is why it is time for a change now in favour of children and nature. It is healing time and it is time to connect with the USA again and spread the wings to level up and fly.

Where I come from, memories are pure love. Brad Pitt was already once in this area when he made the film about Heinrich Harrer: “7 years in Tibet”. Good sign! It is time to connect and let the past be healed. Creating a world children want to live in always starts at one essential point of time and place. Learning from history!

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